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Testing Figure Set

Testing Figure Set

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It is our main priority here at CTS to make sure all maker's are aware of the compliance side of teething. Testing should be accessible to everyone's budget. We have no intentions of profiting off our testing supplies - We present to you, Your very own 2pc At Home Testing Fixtures.

Safety first! To know if your toys or teething products pass a standard choke test, you can purchase our toy choke test set for your own pre-flighting purposes.

Our toy safety testers are incredibly high quality, made from pine, and precision manufactured according to ISO 8124-1, EN-71-1, ASTM F963, and 16 CFR 1500 standards.

These toy safety/choke testers simulate the oral capacity of a child to determine whether a toy or parts of a toy can be swallowed which will lead to choking or suffocating hazards. The baby toy test fixtures come in oval (Test Template A) and round (Test Template B) shape cavity.

To determine whether teethers for infants of up to 18 months old present choking or suffocating hazards. The rattle/teether is placed in the opening of test fixture. If any part of the rattle/teether can pass through the opening without being pushed or pulled, the item has failed. 

No portion of a rattle/teether shall be capable of entering and penetrating to the full depth of a cavity in a test fixture. Rattles/teethers shall meet this requirement both before and after performing the use and abuse tests.

16 CFR 1510
ASTM F 963 4.21
EN71-1998 8.17
GB6675-2003 A.5.3 ISO17025

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