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'Sing It' Microphone Teether

'Sing It' Microphone Teether

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I would like to introduce to everyone……

🎙🎙Sing It🎙🎙

Music means so much to me. I love how one song can bring you back to a certain memory. It can tell a story. It can change your mood- by just one song. Which speaks volumes! (Pun intended 😜)

I love all things retro. Which is how our first teether, Groovy Baby came along!! Groovy is also originated in the jazz genera. Which referred to the “groove” of a piece of music. It’s rhythm and feel + the response felt by people who listened. Hence ~feeling groovy~ 

I hope all of you who love music and all things retro will love this teether just as much as I do. I wish I could put into words how much this teether actually means to me. Soooo much love, time, and detail went into this design. There is a tiny A on it for my baby girl, Anastasia. She is the reason why I started all of this 🥹
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