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Pink Boobie F Cancer Custom Printed 15mm Bead

Pink Boobie F Cancer Custom Printed 15mm Bead

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During the crazy year of 2020 we decided it was time to try IVF ( in vitro fertilization) after 3 miscarriages, numerous failed fertility treatments, and hundreds of injections. 11 months ago, I delivered our rainbow baby girl at 33 weeks. We were terrified of the unknown when it came time to deliver as she was born via emergency induction and that ultrasounds could only tell us so much, especially after they broke my water and she was breathing on her own. The fear, the worry, every emotion imaginable never left until she graduated from the NICU and we were able to take her home with us where she belonged. As a woman, going through infertility is rough. It is depressing, the “why me,” “what ifs,” all the wondering and waiting to see if treatments worked, the endless tests watching for those 2 pink lines. As a parent, watching your tiny babe go through things that no baby should- you’re left helpless. The journey through IVF was the root of me crafting, the stress relief I needed to get my head off of all of the “what ifs” and past treatments, to just be in the moment creating. 11 months later, we are able to watch our Olivia Rayne thrive doing all of the things they first told us she would never do on time, including at just 34 weeks gestation latching on to breastfeed!! That’s right! Our tiny 4lb babe was trying to nurse like a champ! They said she would not be able to until months down the road, they said due to premature birth and PCOS my milk supply wouldn’t come in. They were wrong! Although it took lots of tears, numerous hours pumping to get my milk to come in, watching my babe in the incubator and holding her tiny hands, we made it! Every journey is different, the Boobie bead was created to honor each and every mother and her babe! It was made to honor the made with all the mama’s who pump and donate to the adoptive mamas, the low supplying mamas, and NICU babies! As an adoptive, bio, and foster mama, the Mother’s Love Teether was designed with the immeasurable amount of love that mother’s experience for their child regardless if baby was born from their belly, in their heart, or only with them for a short time! A child may out grow our laps, but they will never outgrow our arms that hug them and hearts that love them!! Completely designed by yours truly, with every mama and child in mind! - Mary Herndon, Southern Chic Creations


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