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Orion Focal Bead

Orion Focal Bead

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Orion created by boss babe Sarah Loy, Teething Tots Co.

Hi I’m Sarah! I began Teething Tots Co. in March 2019 as my premature daughter fought for her life in the NICU. It has been a very hard journey, yet very rewarding when I get to make every dream come true! My family and I went from having to return birthday gifts for grocery money to making six figures a year and giving back to our community! I pinky promise you can do it too.

My love for our company and space is out of this world! I would love to introduce to you our ‘Orion’ space capsule silicone teether and our ‘Houston’ 15mm round galaxy print silicone bead. They are both absolutely gorgeous and pictures do not do them justice!

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