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Peace Love & Beads

Peace Love & Beads

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Hi, I'm Madison Lowe, owner of Emmy's Beads! I started my business in 2021 after having my daughter and becoming a stay-at-home mom. Emmy was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect. I knew right away that I needed a way to stay home with her and was in love with all of the beaded items we had purchased for her. I made my first bead purchase on the way home from Emmy's open-heart surgery, and it's been an amazing journey so far! My mom, who has helped me tremendously with my business, was raised by parents who grew up in the 60's, so her childhood was full of peace signs and 🌼 flowers and, even today, if you ask her what her favorite color is, she will say "tie dye"! So when we decided to make our first bead, she knew exactly what she wanted! We hope you love our "Happy Little Peace Sign" as much as we loved bringing it to life!

Madison Lowe (and Rachel Johnson) Emmy's Beads

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