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Grahams story is one that has weighed heavy on a lot us since he was diagnosed. Many of us have known and are friends with his mother Ashley Donovan who is also the creator of our Freshed Baked trio!

Christina Mauro wanted to find a way to help Ashley, her fiancé Matt and Graham and “Graham Strong” was born. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Graham and his family.

Here is the direct link to Grahams go fund me and Facebook group so you can follow along with his journey:

In early July, Graham started complaining of headaches in the front, back, and top of his head. Ashley and Matthew acted quickly regarding his complaints and immediately scheduled a doctor’s appointment with their family physician. Their family physician ordered a CT scan to be performed on Graham’s head, and within hours, doctors found a relatively large tumor in the back of his brain, blocking the brain stem. A fluid buildup was created due to the blockage of the brain stem, causing pressure on his brain and resulting in headaches. Later that night, Graham was rushed into surgery for a life-saving procedure where the neurosurgeons placed a drainage tube on the top of Graham’s head to drain the fluid that had built up around his brain. Only days later, he was taken in for a 14 hour procedure to remove the tumor from his brain, and he is now recovering in the hospital. Medulloblastoma starts in the back of the brain, called the cerebellum, which involves muscle coordination, movement, and balance. As his brain is recovering from surgery, Graham’s focus right now is to be able to recover those skills to eat, stand, walk, crawl, grab things, and talk again. Recovering those skills will be a challenge, but Graham does not quit; he is a warrior. There is no “cure” for this cancer, but chemotherapy and radiation are two treatments that help kill the remaining cancer cells that can still be in his body. Although Graham is only three years old, this will be the most difficult challenge he will have to face in his life, but we hope that these treatments will allow Graham to be on his road to recovery and remission. We, his family and friends, will all stand together and be by Graham’s side during this journey and remember that there is a “can” in cancer because we can beat it. We are #GrahamStrong.

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