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Warrior Teether

Warrior Teether

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Almost three years ago, I delivered a perfect baby girl at late-33 weeks. Given it were our first baby, we were terrified of the unknown and that fear never left until she graduated from the NICU. As a parent, watching your little go through things that no baby should- you’re left helpless, afraid and with a lot of answers. Hearing monitors and nurses coming in and out, watching parents fall to the floor over devastating news then looking at my baby thinking “what if...”. Hearing codes and loss surrounded around us. It spiked depression thinking... “why couldn’t my body do what it’s made to do?” The NICU was the root of a craft I needed to play with to get my head off of all of the “what ifs.” and later after graduation, that’s where Teething Tots Co. became a thing. Our time in the NICU doesn’t even come close to some, but regardless of reality, it still feels like a lifetime. Three years later, we are able to watch our Ezzy flourish into all of the things they first told us she would never do. We are able to keep in contact with some of the AMAZING medical staff team that gave our girl love every second of the day, as well as some babies that she strived right next to. I give to you our second exclusive teether, Warrior. This is for each and every person that fights for some cause. The first (known) boxing gloves on the market is here. Completely designed by yours truly, with little “E” sensory detail on the back for our Ezzy. If you know me, you know my love and appreciation for nurses and doctors- especially from the NICU. If you play any role in a persons fight, we want to say THANK YOU!                Sarah Loy — Teething Tots Co.


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