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CTS Collab: Cardinal Focal Bead

CTS Collab: Cardinal Focal Bead

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Hi, I’m Jessica and I am the owner of Adelyns Baby Boutique. I started this shop when I was pregnant with my daughter Adelyn, and I was looking for teething items to prepare myself for long years ahead of teething. I was amazed at the lack of quality, unique teething options in the big box stores. At Adelyns baby boutique, we love to focus on custom teething items and use lots of bring and vibrant colors.

I grew up believing that Cardinals were birds that were sent by someone that you loved that has passed. My mother has always been a huge bird watcher and I was raised with an appreciation and knowledge of all things winged.

Even today we sit together and watch the birds in the back yard. As she has gotten older, unfortunately she has gotten ill and most days all she can do is sit and watch the birds. I make sure her feeders are full and view of them is clear. We still get excited every time we see a Cardinal and I know that some time soon, I’ll be seeing them and thinking it’s her.
I hope you all love this focal as much as I do.
Color match:
Traffic cone
Black and white

Made by Boss Babe, Jess Walker

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