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Buckeye Focal Bead

Buckeye Focal Bead

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Hi! I am Tausha. I was born and raised in Ohio. So naturally, I saw a major need for a buckeye bead.

My journey with Maizy Eights began in 2015 when Maizy (the eighth great grandchild on my dads side) and Maizy Eights were born. I started as a crochet business, evolved into a custom clothing company and have finally landed in the teething and sensory business.

Since 2015, we have added another member to our family who is wild and sweet and so full of life. Henry is all boy and adores his wild and free spirited sister. 

When you support Maizy Eights you are not only supporting my business, but also showing a little boy and growing girl that following your dreams and creating something you are proud of is possible.  O-H

19mm bead

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