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CTS Creation: Gradient Spectrum Focal Bead

CTS Creation: Gradient Spectrum Focal Bead

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Story behind the bead:
I’m autistic & started my small business, Shop Simply Fidgets, out of a desire to make “sophisticated fidgets for millennial sensory seekers”.
It’s blossomed into making wristlets, beaded lanyards, fidgetable badge/ID reels, wine stoppers, and more.
However, beaded fidget-keychains are my specialty!
This bead is very special to me as the gold side of the infinity symbol represents autism and the rainbow side represents the neurodiversity spectrum as a whole.
I hope you all will love this bead as much as I do and will use it to spread awareness of the autism and neurodiversity spectrums. Please celebrate the beauty of our neurodiverse friends & accept us for who we are instead of trying to fit us into the molds of societal-norms.
Thank you all!
PS: this bead has been named “Gradient Spectrum” because I want y’all to remember that, like light shining through a prism, autism exists on a spectrum like a rainbow, not a spectrum like a line.
One person might do well in speech but struggle more in emotion-regulation but then do great in gross-motor skills & then struggle more in fine-motor skills (ie: me)! And then the next autistic person you meet will be completely different. When you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met *one* person with autism. We’re all so different!

Hollyn Donovan with Shop Simply Fidgets

These beads are double sided with rainbow on one side and the gold on the other.
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